Day 9 – Location Independence

We land in Lisbon in the middle of the afternoon. The weather is just perfect even though it’s October already! We exit the airplane with excitement and breathe in the Iberian air. We will be spending a month in Portugal’s capital. Our first major holiday since we launched MAD Solutionz.

Even though there were some initial concerns regarding the smooth running of operations, we quickly realise we can finally enjoy our lives! And so, for the rest of the month, we successfully balance our work responsibilities with our personal time off.


A routine rapidly falls into place. We wake up in the morning, have our morning coffee overlooking the Tagus river, grab our laptops and go to some street cafe downtown. There we spending 2-3 hours working, depending on what we need to handle on that day.

Once our work is done, we do a bit of sightseeing until lunch time. By then, we either go to some restaurant in Lisbon’s downtown (Baixa de Lisboa), we head to Belém so we can have some Pastéis de Belém (Portuguese Custard Tart) for dessert, or we have lunch by the sea at Oriente.

If necessary, we head to Miradouro de Santa Catarina (also known as Miradouro do Adamastor) and we seat at its kiosk dealing with whatever work task we have to. The view from here is breathtaking. We can see the Tagus river, the April 25th bridge, and the land on the other side of the water. We usually have a beer and we end up meeting some cool people who are there chilling and enjoying their sunny afternoon.


As the day grows darker, we get ready for dinner and go out to meet some friends. We are never sure if we are hitting a club afterwards but no one cares. Whether we work on the next day or not, it’s up to us. We are finally leading a life which allows us to be present in the moment at all times. And we couldn’t be happier.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9



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