Day 8 – Choosing Your Adventure

Our mini adventure started a little bit after midnight. Natalie said we had to go and have fun but we were about to leave for work at the time we watched the video. Due to the late hour we both came back from work, we had very few options left. Now where does one go for an adventure on a Saturday night? But nothing too wild as we had to work the next day.

Ultimately, we decided to go with something that’s always been on our minds but we had never actually done: go up to the rooftop. And so we did, together with a friend of ours (Dilyan), Mauro’s sister (Micaela) and her boyfriend (Cahue).

First we tried to access the rooftop from our building. We failed. The hatch was firmly locked. Even with Micaela sat firmly on Mauro’s shoulders, the sibling duo could not access the roof. However, we were not discouraged.


We exited our building and headed towards Mauro’s previous building as it is roughy 20 meters away. And we knew for a fact we could access its roof. And Mauro swore the front door to the building was always open.

Yes, it was an epic fail. Micaela then suggested Plan C.

Around 1 AM, we finally reached A rooftop. We went to one of those multilevel parking lot and sat on its roof. We laid our blankets, we poured our drinks and chatted through one last Summer night.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8


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