Day 6 – Finding Your Tribe

When thinking about our mentors, Natalie obviously comes to mind first. However, we believe that’s not the purpose of this challenge so please meet the rest of our tribe.

Erlich Bachman

Though not a real person, many of Erlich’s teachings and triumphs are not only inspiring and but also great cautionary tales. This character is at the centre of it all, mentoring his pupils – though his methods may be a bit unorthodox at times.

Erlich might seem to be purely driven by his desire to be a known and well respected entrepreneur, however time and time again he has shown his true friends are at the heart of everything he does.

And so it’s this ability to balance between what you want and who you are that inspires us. This would be our question to him. How do you achieve everything you’ve ever wanted without compromising who you are.

Follow Erlich’s thoughts today!


Jeff Goins

Jeff is the guy who seems to have it all: he’s a writer AND an entrepreneur, he has a hilarious podcast with Andy, an amazing blog, and he’s raising a family – all at the same time. Both his blog and his podcast are wealths of knowledge and we have learned so much thanks to it.

Honestly, we are inspired by how he manages to find the time to do it all. Where does he find the energy and motivation to keep up with all this different responsibilities without dropping the ball.

We would love to know his secret. How do you do it all?

Follow Jeff’s thoughts today!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6


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